About AKONI's journey as a trance DJ

Akoni was born in England in the 80's and grew up during the party era. Trance was born and Akoni fell in love. From his late teens, he dived head first into DJ'ing with belt-driven vinyl decks, a twin-cassette player and a CD player, after being inspired by tracks such as Energy 52's Cafe Del Mar, Olive's You're not alone, Grace's Not over yet, and many many more classics.

His first gigs were held in his garage for friends and neighbours who also had the passion for Trance music at the time. This is when he knew this is his dream. To perform, to share the passion, to make people feel alive. During the past few years, he's had gigs in Sheffield, Chesterfield and Derby.

Feeling he needed to expand more, he has now moved to the beautiful Costa Blanca region in Spain. With cities such as Benidorm and Alicante and the infamous Island of Trance; Ibiza, within arms reach, the opportunities are endless.

Akoni plans on working more on producing and releasing his first tracks in the near future once his art is perfected.

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La Costa Del Trance episodes and tracklists

La Costa Del Trance is broadcasted on 1mix radio every 2nd and 4th Friday of every month at 23:00 CET. For live tracklisting, go to Akoni's facebook event.

La Costa Del Trance 001

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La Costa Del Trance 002

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La Costa Del Trance 003

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La Costa Del Trance 004

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La Costa Del Trance 005

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La Costa Del Trance 006

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La Costa Del Trance 007

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