Party time?! The end of lockdown is approaching…

Image showing distance for social distancing during lockdown

The end of lockdown in Spain is approaching, so now what? Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean everything goes back to normal and we can party. The State of Alarm that ends on 21st June only means that the government hand over control back to the individual autonomous provinces. Parties and events are still a no go (with dancing) at the moment.

A DJ is allowed to play music from Phase 3, which for the Comunidad Valencia is from Monday 15th June. However, dancing and dance floors are to be remained forbidden. Discoteca’s are allowed to open also, but the restrictions on the dance floors and dancing are also in force for these. Table service/seating only with 30% occupancy is the current rules for Phase 3 in a discotec.

So, what can a DJ do? At the moment, not much. We can play music, but we have to obey the safety and distancing rules set out by government.

  • No karaoke or extremely restricted, for sanitary reasons.
  • No dancing, for distancing reasons.
  • No coming to the DJ for requests, as I can’t hear from over 2 metres away any way.
  • No request slips, due to sanitary reasons…
  • etc etc.

However, when the new normal begins, I do have a safe option I have in mind to help with the events. I will reveal all when or if it goes to plan, but for now, it’s hush hush.

So in brief…

For now, it’s a case of sitting by and wait & see what rules are in force after this State of Alarm ends. Will we party like we used to? No. But it doesn’t mean we have to stop partying all together. We just have to improvise, adapt and overcome any challenges Covid-19 and regulations throw at us.

Go ahead and book your party and take a look at my available dates on the events page. Do bear in mind that if you book a date in the near future, it may have to be postponed or cancelled. Depending on what new regulations we face while the new normal begins.

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