Parties start August!

House parties rules and regulations relax.

As mentioned in the previous news update, Party time?! The end of lockdown is approaching… lockdown has ended and the new normal is here. After reading up on the latest rules and regulations, parties are now allowed although they do have restrictions.

So far, house parties are the easiest to organise. Each council have their own rules and regulations, so make sure you follow those! Example:

  • Teulada & Moraira:
    • 25 people maximum.
    • No licence required.
    • Town hall & Policia Local must be notified beforehand.
    • Fask masks to be worn if social distancing cannot be withheld.
    • Hand sanitiser is a must.
  • El Campello:
    • 25 people maximum.
    • Permission from Policia Local.
    • Social distancing is a must.
    • Music must not be too loud. dB limit depends on location.

Karaoke is currently not available right now, but that doesn’t stop you from having a great day or night. The time is now to get your party booked.

Basic rules that are to be followed:

  • Face mask must be carried at all times. Worn if you are in an area with people you don’t live in and are closer than 1.5 metres distance.
  • Commercial properties, dance floors are closed, but you can ‘dance’ away from people on your own – possibly at your table or seat you are currently at, as long as you keep your distancing.
  • Music cannot be played excessively loud. This is to prevent people from shouting to each other.

Different areas do have different rules. Currently the easiest parties to organise are at homes, such as; garden parties, pool parties or house parties. There are less rules and regulations for these.

With commercial properties, you need permission from your town hall and must notify the policia local. Just to save embarrassment when or if they arrive during your party and close it down for not having permission.

Overall, things are getting easier to do. So get booking your party today. Any questions, do feel free to Contact me and I will do my best to answer you as soon as I can.

Basic things to remember when booking

  • Facemasks may be required to be worn by all guests, depending on circumstances, at all time.
  • Social distancing may also be in force at all times.
  • Permission from or informed the local council and policia local.
  • Parties are to be fun.
  • Requirements and regulations change very often. At time of writing this, the information was correct. Make sure you keep updated by asking your council or policia local on the latest rules.

So get started, Contact me and let’s get your party on the go!

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